Tribute to a Legend – Bob Hoover

To escape from a German POW camp, he flew a Focke-Wulf 190 to freedom. Before that, he flew just about every aircraft the military had before age 21. After WWII he was a test pilot and then he was one of the best and most famous airshow performer of all time. Bob Hoover is now 92 and a tribute to his contribution to aviation and airshows will occur again this year at Oshkosh. One of the aircraft Bob flew was the 500s Shrike Commander, what you see here. Part of his routine was the fly the Shrike, do a loop and pour himself a cup of tea in the process. To say he’s one heck of a pilot is an understatement. Bob Odegaard acquired this Shrike and has practiced to fly a little of Hoover’s routine (minus the tea pouring) and if you have the opportunity to get to Osh and see it this year, it’s well worth your while.