The T-33 Shooting Star

The Lockheed T-33 was the most widely used jet fighter trainer in its day. Basically a two seat version of the F-80, to this day there are some T-33s still in military service. The T-33 had a six gun nose could be fitted to the T-33 with some early models even had 1000 lb. bomb shackles on the wings.The only major design change to the T-33 was the addition of Fletcher-type wingtip tanks. Approximately 7000 were produced and today at least 50 are in private ownership and flown today. The T-Bird has been a favorite in the Americas, Europe and Asia for over fifty years!

This is Greg “Wired” Colyer’s “Ace Maker” performing this past weekend at the Minden Aviation Roundup. The Ace Maker put on an excellent performance demonstrating why the T-33 is so endeared even to this day.

Lt. Russell Brown on 8 Nov, 1950 piloting his F-80 Shooting Star outmaneuvered two attacking Mig 15s, getting onto the tail of one of them and poured .50 caliber fire into it until the Mig exploded. It was the first of 827 Migs to be shot down in Korea and the first jet-vs-jet victory ever. Units in Korea also used the TF-80C/T-33 and the RF-80. TF-80C’s and T-33’s.