Reno PRS is Around the Corner!

Pylon Race Seminar (PRS) starts next week and signals the race season at Reno Air Races. One of the Unlimited class racers that has long been a crowd favorite is Rare Bear, a F8F Bearcat. In 1969, Rare Bear’s first race at Reno. In 1973 it took first at Reno with a course record speed of 428mph. In 2003 it posted a top speed of 495mph! Looking over it’s stats, you’ll see in all of its history, this amazing plane only missed a couple of races throughout the years. A very impressive record and testament to pilot, crew & owner to maintain this racing legend. What you see here is Rare Bear’s current paint and to say it’s eye catching is an understatement. You can’t miss Rare Bear when it’s on the course!

Photographically, no matter what angle you are to it, it is striking. But when the big radial turns over, you know it means business!