Race #74 & Race #57 Together Again!

These two, rare Super Corsairs have not flown together since 1949. The highlight of that year is when Cleland & Becker raced on the Cleland Team in the Thompson Race and #74 won (piloted by Becker). The low was when they were parked at the end of the field and left to rot that same year. 27 December, 2011 they were brought together again and flown over the skies of AZ (which is said never to happen again). At the stick are two of the three responsible for bringing these magnificent Super Corsairs back to the skies, Robert Odegaard (in #57) and Casey Odegaard (#74). Race #57 hasn’t been seen in the air since Reno, 2008 and Race #74 just took to the air for the first time since 1949 this past July. Being part of this history was a real thrill, honor and something I will never forget! Thanks Bob!