“Glacier Girl’s” 20th!

One of the amazing historical aircraft stories is the finding, recovery and restoration of the P-38 “Glacier Girl.” This gorgeous aircraft part of the Rod Lewis collection is out in front of the public all the time to enjoy. When you see it, you’ll find in front of it a dozen poster boards highlighting the entire process making it possible for that P-38 to be in front of you. Well this week at Oshkosh, the Lewis Team is throwing a birthday party of sorts celebrating the 20yr anniversary since the discovery and recovery of this classic aircraft. This photo was taken during a air to air in Sept, 2010 over Pyramid Lake, NV. It was an amazing flight that had two P-38s and two F7F Tigercats and in this particular frame, I just focused in on Glacier Girl as she moved out of the formation.If you’re at Osh, be sure to go by and learn the story and give the girl a hello!