A-26 Invader “Miss Murphy”

This is simple an aircraft that means business! The Douglas A-26 Invader served in WWII and some highly modified version even saw cold war action up until 1969. This twin engine, single-pilot (unique design for 1942), light attach bomber came with a solid nose (B) and glass nose (C) as you see here. Talking with a Korean Vet who piloted the A-26, when asked how it flew, he got a big smile and said, “Like a dream!”

While still airworthy, “Miss Murphy” has not seen the skies for many years. It’s home currently is the AZ Wing of the CAF in Mesa, AZ. The props are brand new, never turned over and until they do, the clock is not ticking and expenses not adding up so there she sits. The A-26 (and later B-26) saw over twenty years of active service, pretty impressive for a plane of that era. Of the 2446 built, less then 40 are still airworthy. I’ve had a thing for these aircraft ever since my father told me stories of them in the Pacific. It was great to see “Miss Murphy” out where she could be photographed looking and menacing on the ground as she was in the sky!