#74 Super Corsair F2G-2

In North Dakota yesterday, the mighty #74 Super Corsair roared back to life at the hands of Bob Odegaard and very talented family. I got the call from Casey that it would be first cranked over and prelimanary test run on Friday. I was very honored and excited to be present at this very cool moment. The engine, a R-4360 is massive weighing in at 3800lbs and was uncowled for the start up.

Casey Odegaard has the honor of first starting up this amazing aircraft. After initial run up and getting fluid pressures and gauges checked, Bob hoped into the cockpit. Together with Casey then went over the Corsair performance. Not that we could hear a word with the sweet sounding roar of the Pratt & Whitney humming. It is a sweet sounding engine! Casey hoped down, Bob tested the new smoker and shut the mighty craft down.

One last test for the day. Bob took #74 for a lap around the hangars to test out the new brake system they’ve installed. This is Bob’s second Super Corsair that he has restorted and brought back to life. After the last successful test, the Super G was put back in the hangar and the celebration began. The plan is for #74 to be at Oshkosh next month and then compete in the Reno Air Races in Sept. And as you might guess, with the new smoker, Bob will have it at an air show or two as well.